Fuel Surcharge


The national and international fuel surcharge

Changes in fuel prices have led to fluctuating overall costs for the transport industry and necessitate a variable fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge will be increased, reduced or not applied, depending on changes in fuel prices.

Calculation basis for the national and international fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge shall be based on the corresponding national price of diesel fuel. The surcharge is linked to the consumer price in local currency including taxes and duties. Within Europe, the European Commission’s Oil Bulletin for diesel fuel forms the basis for the calculation.


Apextrans AG reserves the right to change the fuel surcharge and the index table with or without prior notice. Both the amount and duration of the surcharge will be determined at the sole discretion of Apextrans AG.


Road transport fuel surcharge (August 2020)

  • National: 6.0%
  • International: 9.0%



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